• Supervision

    Compassion focused

    I offer you a safe, caring and authentic place where you can question your professional posture, the situations encountered in your practice, be reassured and gain self-confidence.


    Supervision is based on 3 pillars:


    1. The client's problematic: We will think the point of view of your problematic's client and the challenges of the therapeutic relationship. We will think together of the possible work according to your tools.


    2. The therapeutic relationship: We will discuss the therapeutic alliance established with your cliients, your difficulties, your limits, the resonance in meeting the other. This will highlight both the client's problematic and your professional posture.


    3. Professional posture: Supervision allows you to work on your own external and internal framework. You will be able to compare your learned theories with your reality on the therapy room, reflect on your external framework and ask yourself what makes sense to you. Therapeutic posture is a process of finding a good balance between theories and practice and between your place as a therapist and your own personality and sensitivity. I offer compassionate listening to the impact of your own personal story on your professional posture and the difficulties you may experience, especially at the start of your career.


    Who is the supervision I am offering intended for?


    I offer supervision to any professional with a mental health practice who wishes to think about their practice with a compassionate and humanistic way.


    I am setting up 2 new online supervision groups - one daytime and one evening - and have space available.


    I am a highly experienced integrative therapist and supervisor. BACP member. Specialist knowledge of neurodiversity in therapy room.


    I really enjoy working with supervisees to explore their work, help to unlock areas of stuckness, support them in (and out!) or the therapy room and to help grow into amazing therapists! I especially like helping groups work together to help each other too.


    Sessions are £25 per person and will be 2hrs.


    All therapeutic approaches are welcome as diversity being richness to the group! Also welcome at any stage of your working life - student or long time therapist.


    If you are interested, please contact me for further details.