• Relationship therapy

    how does it work?

    Sometimes we need someone to help us to overcome a life challenge or to clarify a situation.

    It takes courage to realize it and to ask for it.


    Before starting therapy with me: I offer a first free 15 minutes session via Zoom to meet you and to talk with you about your difficulties and your needs. We will explore together how we can co-create a safe space for you to clarify your situation and overcome your challenges.


    Therapy: Through a non-judgmental welcome, I offer you an authentic space with unconditional acceptance to explore what seems important to you to understand, deconstruct, and talk in a way to live a peaceful and balanced relationship.

    I will guide each person to express themselves safely and in a compassionate way. The dialogue can resume, and compassion, love, and trust can then be established again. Solutions can be found so that each partner can thrive in the relationship. Realizing that a relationship is not always fluid and that each person has a responsibility in the dynamic of the relationship is a step towards the evolution of the relationship.


    Every session: 1h15

    Fees: £120

    Frequency: I propose two or four sessions per month depending on your needs.


    I'm conscious of the reality of life, we will discuss it together during our first meeting.

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