• Individual therapy

    how does it work?


    Sometimes we need someone to help us to overcome the difficulties of life and see the rainbow behind the tears and the suffering. It takes courage to ask for it. 


    Before starting therapy with me: I offer a first free 15 minutes session via Zoom to meet you and to talk with you about your difficulties and your needs. We will explore together how we can co-create a safe space for you to overcome your challenges. 

    Therapy: I offer you an authentic and non-judgmental space with unconditional acceptance to explore what seems important to you to understand, deconstruct, and talk in a way to live a peaceful and balanced life. I propose talking therapy. It means that we will talk about you and your life. I use several approaches and I usually do some psychoeducation in order to help you to see the big picture and to understand and to make sense of your context and difficulties. Of course, you won't have to talk about everything. If you need support to explain how you feel or what you think I welcome any cultural material, especially music. I will help you to discover and cultivate your own resources in order to deal with the adversity of life for now and for the future.


    Every session: 50 minutes

    Fees: £80

    Frequency: One session a week or one session every 2 weeks.


    I'm conscious of the reality of life, let me know if you have financial issues, we can talk about it.


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